22nd October 2015

Emel Michael “The Clint Eastwood of Pop Folk”

#Livin: Emel Michael “The Clint Eastwood of Pop Folk” In this episode of #Livin We follow The “Clint Eastwood of Pop Folk” Emel Michael. Singer/Songwriter/Artist Emel […]
22nd October 2015

Genoveva Arteaga Rynn’s Journey

 From Devon, studied in London, moved to Mexico? Genoveva is a skilled photographer specializing in portraits. Her photos have been published in magazines, exhibited at galleries […]
22nd October 2015

Amanda Blanks: #Livin in The Gold Coast

Amanda Blanks  Australian Model, Actress, Business graduate Amanda Blanks has been Modeling and Acting for over 10 years but also has strong aspirations to pursue her […]
22nd October 2015

Monlands – A Journey Through Scotland

In december 2012 4 Men set out on a Journey through Scotland. 1,406 total views, no views today