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Amanda Blanks 


Australian Model, Actress, Business graduate

Amanda Blanks has been Modeling and Acting for over 10 years but also has strong aspirations to pursue her own business after graduating from her Bachelors Degree in double Business,  majoring in Marketing and Management. 23 years old, full of energy and confidence, this bubbly young lady is passionate about working in all areas of the media, modeling and entertainment industry. Already appearing in several of Australia’s leading magazines, performing on stage and winning many modeling competitions, proves she has the body and personality everyone wants! Amanda loves being out side having fun in the sun and surfing, while maintaining her fit figure by getting into sports such as rock climbing, athletics, horse ridding, dirt bike riding, skiing, scuba diving and wake boarding. Amanda lives each day as if it were her last and never turns an opportunity down.

The Start

How did you get into Acting & Modelling? 

When I was very young in about year 3 my mum put me in my very first modelling pageant where I won a number of the categories such as, Miss photogenic and Miss personality. I also took out the position of overall winner. Acting for me started out in my primary years where I used to do speech and drama lessons with my neighbor. I also use to compete in local and regional speech and drama competitions where I would have to stand on stage by my self and act out poetry. So you could say this was the very beginnings of my modelling and acting.


The Adventure

Tell us about your adventures in the Gold Coast?

I moved to the Gold Coast about 5 years ago when I started my degree here. It wasn’t a hard move at all, the place is amazing. I was drawn back to this beautiful spot in Queensland because of my love of the water, beaches and weather. One of the first houses I lived in was a very good family friends, who lived in the Springbrook mountains. This was a fantastic place I could go horse riding and dirt bike riding. Plus it had some incredible hiking trails and water falls.

I’ve enjoyed a few scuba dives around wave break island where you can often spot an octopus or stingray. But my favourite spot is Julian Rock in Byron Bay, loaded with Grey Nurse Sharks and all sorts of underwater critters.

After moving here form Lake Macquarie in NSW I had to find a new spot for wakeboarding and skiing. Somerset Damn, which is a few hours north of the Gold Coast or Tumbulgum were my new top picks.


A Quick Tour Guide

It’s my 1st time in Australia, what should I do, Where should I go?

Definitely cannot miss the Gold Coast!! You’ve got the theme parks, pristine beaches, tropical rain forest, a growing coffee culture, night life and more.

Here’s a check list for visiting the Gold Coast :

– Go to Q1 Skydeck and see and 360 view of the coast

– Do a dive at Julian Rocks then check out the Hippie culture of Byron Bay

– Go to Long Boards and demolish there Phat Baster Burger Challenge

– Check out the theme parks, then if you’re up to it get loopy at Infinity

– Do a hike in Mount Tambourine then watch the sunset from a hilltop bar

– Try surfing at Snapper Rocks

– Go for a Helicopter ride from Sea World to appreciate the beauty of the Gold Coast

What the Guys Want to Know

Is there romance in Amanda’s life? Can the guys in the Gold coast keep up with Amanda aka Wonder woman?

Sorry boys but I am romantically hung up with a lovely lad at the moment and I’ve been very lucky to be. The Gold Coast has a pretty bad reputation for its men being players and what not. So if you’re a nice, genuine guy, there plenty of room for your type in the GC!

The Acting/Modelling

What kind of locations (worldwide) have you been to for shoots?

A pretty cool one recently was a shoot in Auckland, New Zealand, in a groovy underground bar which was circus themed. Also in Thredbow at the Snow was another awesome yet freezing location I did a bikini shoot at. Another great location was in Thailand where I shot at a luxury hotel which was built into a steep hill and had infinity pools over the cliff face.

Any embarrassing situations while in front of the cam?

When I was in a national modelling competition, in front of over 100 people, we had to do a dance routine, in high heels, now I’m not the greatest dancer at best of times. So I was halfway through the routine, and of course, I loose my shoe in some ridiculous twirl and had to subtly shimmy my self off stage shoeless.

It takes confidence to get in front of the camera and use your body as art. Would you say your a confident person?

I try and stay very positive about myself and my work, so I do have a fairly high level of confidence. But I think that also comes from the people you surround yourself with and how I was brought up from a young age. I’m no super hero though, I get down about myself like everyone else does too!

Tell us about some of your favourite acting roles?

I used to love taking on the most crazy, out there, weird and comical characters I could. The more grotesque and far from my real self I could be I found the most fun to play with. But then getting into some more realism, I really enjoyed playing the double for Carla Gugino in the new feature film yet to be realised called San Andreas. This was a wicked role because of all the action and disasters that were happening and I got to play with on set.

What was it like seeing your face in a top magazine?

I was so excited I bought 3 copies of it. So I was pretty stoke.


Have you been involved in any competitions for modelling?

A stack, some of the competitions I was a winner or national finalist for in Australia were, Miss Hawaiian Tropics, Miss Snow Bunny, Miss V8s, Miss Lingerie Model of the Year, Ralph Swimwear Model of the Year, FHMs Girl Next Door and Veve Swimwear Model.


Tell us about some of your favorite photoshoots?

I’ve worked with Jet pilot for a few years now and done several campaigns for them throughout this time. They would have to be my favourite people to shoot with. The shoots are always something new and interesting. One time we were on a killer wake boarding boat, I got to ride jet skis and dirt bikes along with have a big BBQ lunch.

As a model & actress do people ever assume your not educated or book smart?

Pretty much anyone that meets me and doesn’t know me thinks that. Usually they soon realize after a short conversation that I have more than cute smile and body to get through life.

Future aspirations:

As someone who is well established as a model/actress & recently graduated with a double business degree, what plans do you have for 2015?

Well this year coming up is looking pretty huge. Using the skills I’ve gained from my degree I want to head into starting my own consulting business for SEO and Internet Marketing. So basically I want to help other business with their marketing online, everything from email marketing, web design, google ranking and social media management. I’m a little bit nervous about it, but I don’t want that to stop me from doing something outside the norm and trying to make something for my self.

What’s your Motivation?

Basically I love being creative and designing new things, seeing my creations come to life and reap results. Also I love being able to work for my self and know what ever I’m putting in, I’m going to be making gains for me. I also didn’t want to take the easy road out like most uni grads, and get a job, working for someone else who pays you very little.

Modelling & acting isn’t easy to break into, most people think it’s just standing in front of a camera looking pretty. Have you ever been blatantly undermined and disrespected for your career choice?

Not really, I’ve always kept my options and opinions open to anything, plus have kept my wits about me with having a degree to back me up.

3 words of advice for aspiring actors/models?

Never Give Up


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